Your guide to the SYNC Virtual Platform

Logging In

  1. Visit
    It is recommended that you access the platform using Google Chrome for the best experience. You may experience user interface issues if using Safari on iPhone or iPad. A mobile app is available. Learn more.
  2. Enter the email address used to register.
  3. Enter Your First and Last Name.

We recommend that you use Chrome to access the platform for the best experience and that you test your access in advance. If you are unable to access the platform, please contact


To enter the conference, click on the Welcome to SYNC Banner.


The Lobby contains the doors to other spaces within SYNC such as the Auditorium (where you watch sessions), the Poster Hall and Resource Library which can all be accessed by clicking on the titles/banners above each door or on the menu bar at the top of the page. The menu bar is accessible on any page and makes is easy to navigate throughout the platform.

Accessing Sessions

To access sessions, click on the Auditorium door in the lobby or on the menu bar tab. Once in the Auditorium, click on the center screen to access the list of sessions. If a session is open, you can click Join to participate.

Poster Hall

Be sure to visit the Poster Hall and review the many posters submitted by your colleagues. Within the Poster Hall, you can view posters via PDF file, or presentation recording (if provided). You can also ask questions of the poster author(s) via text chat. A full list of posters and authors is available via the Poster Agenda, in the conference program, and on the website.

Trainings and Resources

Visit the Resource Library for comprehensive links to our catalog of trainings, research, and resources. Click the Resources Library doors in the lobby, or choose Trainings & Resources from the top menu bar.

Networking Lounge

The Networking Lounge is a great place to connect with other attendees and to access important links and resources, including social media, all in one place. Click the Networking Lounge door in the lobby, or select the tab in the menu bar.

Conference Chat

Access Chat on the menu bar or within the Networking Lounge by clicking on Networking.

By clicking on the ‘Chat’ tab, you can interact and chat with other attendees who are online in the event, ask questions of the conference planners and/or attendees, and contact Technical Support as needed.

Using Chat, you can do the following:

  • Join different chatrooms
  • Initiate private chat with other attendees
  • Start an audio/video call with other attendees
  • Send a file attachment