May 29–31, 2024 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel


Conference Agenda

The schedule presented here is subject to change as the agenda is finalized.

Event Series HIV Treatment Track

HIV Treatment Track, Session 2

Studio E
  • Engaging People with HIV in a Housing-First Response to an HIV Outbreak
  • HIV Treatment & Beyond: SYNCing to Implement Rapid Start as a Jurisdictional Standard of Care
  • Expert-led HIV Communications: Prevention, Treatment, and Stigma-Free Strategies for Physicians

Sex-Positive Care Workshop

Studio E
  • 50 Shades Un-Greyed: Sex-Positive Care & Exploring Biases in BDSM Healthcare
  • Patients and Polyamory: Clinical Considerations for Working with Consensual Non-Monogamy and Polyamory
Event Series HIV Treatment Track

HIV Treatment Track, Session 3

Studio E
  • Breaking Silos, Building Bridges: Utilizing Community-Academic Partnerships to Implement Equitable HIV Research
  • Empowering Primary Care Providers to Improve ART Selection With HIV-ASSIST
  • Engaging and Linking Hard to Reach Populations in Care: Adapting and Responding to Emerging Needs of People Who Use Drugs
Perry Street
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