May 29–31, 2024 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel


Conference Agenda

The schedule presented here is subject to change as the agenda is finalized.

Event Series STI Track

STIs Track, Session 1

Potomac A

Power of Prevention

  • Hey CIS, Can We Talk...? Black Women, Sexuality, and PrEP
  • STD Crisis: A Case for Rapid POC Testing
  • Effects of Targeted Provider Education on HIV and STI Testing Rates at an FQHC
Event Series STI Track

STIs Track, Session 2

Potomac A
  • Effectiveness of a Virtual Patient Simulation at Improving Individualized Sexual Health Care
  • Understanding Perspectives on Patient-Provider Communication Surrounding Sex, Sexuality, and Substance Use
  • Express Visits

Harm Reduction Workshop

Potomac A

Innovative Harm Reduction Models of Primary Care for People Who Use Drugs

Event Series STI Track

STIs Track, Session 3: Syphilis

Potomac A
  • Navigating Syphilis Awareness and Prevention: Empowering Women through Health Literacy
  • Automating Syphilis Screening: A Vital Approach to Preventing Congenital Syphilis and HIV
  • Assessing the Impact of a Syphilis Outbreak Response in Houston, Texas
  • How a DIS in a Rural Conservative Setting can combat Congenital Syphilis Through Partnerships
Perry Street
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